A Framework for A Blood Seeker - Donor Matching System


Aina, S., Sulayman, R. A., Okegbile, S.D., Lawal, R. A., & Oluwaranti, A. I.

The work designed, implemented and evaluated the blood seeker -donor (BSD) matching system. The system comprises of a backend server and a mobile application that serves as the main interaction interface between the users and the system. This is with the view to providing a computerized system that enables blood seekers and blood donation centers in the Nigerian geographic space to find and communicate with prospective blood donors, in a fast and efficient manner. The system connects the users using the blood type compatibility, relative location between the users, and other blood donation related attributes specified by the users. The backend service of the system was implemented using the Firebase platform. The mobile application was implemented using Java programming language on the Android platform. The results of the evaluation showed that; on a scale of 1 – 10, the system has a mean score of 7.02 for its effectiveness. The mean score for ease-of-use is 7.17 and the score for learnability is 7.39. The work concluded that geo-location technologies, through the use of mobile applications, can provide an easier, faster and efficient means of finding and communicating with prospective blood donors.


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