A significant problem and a great solution: parametric modeling for architecture with an architect approach


A Charalambous

This paper documents and reports an experience about the use of parametric design. The method of the parametric design is here applied like a tool to obtain a dynamic approach, with an advanced methodology that manages the complexity of the figure speeding up the processes allowing to achieve results previously unthinkable in the representation of architecture. The parametric design method has the advantage that the result of the design procedure is instantly visible after any update and in all of its aspects editable for applying enhancements. It is, therefore, easy to have hundreds of variants of the same project by adjusting the basic geometrical parameters. Underneath examples of procedures are shown by using the parametric generation of big elliptical roofing designed using Grasshopper (www.grasshopper3d.com). Grasshopper is a plugin of McNeel Rhinoceros (www.rhino3d.com). Parametric created geometries by using the method of form finding using Karamba (www.karamba3d.com) and, last but not least, examples of automatic generative geometries with versatile optimization using Karamba and Galapagos Evolutionary Solver (www.grasshopper3d.com/group/galapagos).


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