A study of the application of simulation software for business processes


Amanda Wiggin, Muhammad Latif, Rameez Khalid

This paper reports on the experiences of using two popular business process simulation (BPS) software packages. BPS is a technique, which assists companies in mimicking their everyday operations to find ways in which to improve and develop them in order to achieve either productivity, financial, or risk-free gains. There are many computer packages available on the market, and it is important to have an idea of the type of software that can promote these benefits further. The two software packages investigated in this study are Witness by the Lanner Group and Simul8 by the Simul8 Corporation. These packages are used by organisations as management tools to optimise their internal practices. A practical evaluation of both packages has been undertaken, using the model building of case studies in both Witness and Simul8. Comparisons were made, with a number of conclusions and recommendations, and the advantages and disadvantages of each package are given. This study is different from other investigations as it focuses on evaluating the user experience rather than a traditional comparison of the statistical output of the reference models .


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