A Study of Written Grammatical Errors of the Indian Subcontinent Learners: A Systematic Review


Ali Akbar Khansir

This paper investigates A Study of Written Grammatical Errors of the Indian Subcontinent Learners in English settings from 2008to2018.Grammar is one of the most important subjects in English language that hasbeen discussed among great scholars, teachers, syllabus designers in the history of English language teaching. Grammarplays vital role in increasing and decreasing the knowledge of English language learners is not only in non-English –speaking countries settings but also in English –speaking countries. Therefore, English grammar is still a big problem for English native students in their classrooms. Error analysis is used as one of the language learning strategies in whichfocuses on language competence of language learners in the target language. Thus,the error analysis approach was coined by Corder in 1967. Inthis study, researchers have tried to study the written grammatical errors committed by Indian Subcontinent studentsin English language from 2008to 2018 and suggestedremedial measures to improve thewritten grammatical errors from the research works.In addition, for various historical reasons, English has,for more than two hundred years,been growing in theIndian socio-cultural setting.We hope that this paper examines a systematic study of learners' errors in this area.Finally, the researcherof this paper examined the previous research works on grammatical errors in the English language,whichwere published from 2008 to 2018 in the Indian Subcontinent. In addition, of 150research paperswere examined in the paper, 36of the research papers wererelevant


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