A Theoretical Overview of Mobile Networks Environment in Ecuador Prior To 5G


Vladimir Sanchez Padilla

Many countries in the Latin American region experience the technology gap when new technologies are either developing or in testing scenarios. Telecommunications services provider must be encouraged, allowing universal access to broadband networks. According to telecommunication analysts, a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth results when broadband penetration increases. With this background, there should not be considerations in delays regarding the technology expansion for improving data and mobile communications or for the deployment of coming technologies. This paper presents an analysis of regulatory aspects of mobile networks in the Republic of Ecuador for visualizing the current situation regarding Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and the advent of 5G, especially in aspects such as infrastructure, penetration and economic development. The purpose is that the reader has an understanding of how government policies in accordance with international recommendations and the participation of those involved in the telecommunications sector encourage technological advances in an emerging country.


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