M.A. Jafarov, E.F. Nasirov, S.A.Jahangirova, R.M.Mammadov

In this paper we report some properties of thin film photocells prepared on the basis of Al/p-CdS/n-CdS/Zn1- xCdxS heterojunctions. These heterojunctions were prepared by the method of chemical and electrochemical deposition from solution in a uniform work cycle. The open-circuit photovoltage (Uoc), short circuit-current density (Iscc) and efficiency of the Al/p-CdS/n-CdS/Zn0.6Cd0.4S heterojunctions were 650 mV; 35 mA/cm2 and 11%, accordingly. The I-U fill factor was 0.68. The value of Uoc increases and Iscc decreases by increasing of Zn in Zn1-xCdxS material.


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