An Investigation into How Insecure Attachment Styles (Attitudinal Factors) of Men in The Security Forces Contribute to The Increase of Murder/Suicide Rates Within Eight Parishes in Jamaica


Monique Lynch

One of the most noticeable components of the recent years (2011-present) of social change in Jamaica is the increases in the murder/suicide rates. The objective of this research is to identify, address and correct the factors relating to the insecure attachment styles of these men. This research utilized a quantitativemethod with cross-sectionaldesign. Participants in this research were 100 Jamaica men (60 policemen, 20 soldiers and 20 security guards). The data was collected primarily through questionnaires. Participants were selected by way of cluster sampling. The data was analyzed by the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS), Version 21.0. The results suggested that the further widespread incidents of murder-suicide become in Jamaica, the more likely it is that men with access to legal firearms such as police, security guards and soldierswill gradually use murder-suicide incidents to settle disputes and separations in very traumatic intimate/romantic partner relationships. This research concluded that insecure attachment style, low self-esteem and high aggressive persona(attitudinal factors) do contributeto murder-suicide incidents among police, security guards and soldiers in Jamaica.


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