Paulo Henrique Siqueira

This paper shows the development of a webpage environment created to visualizations of the Solar System planets with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. With the objective to show the Solar System closer to reality, the measurements used in this paper involve distances between the planets and the Sun, limits of minimum (perihelion) and maximum distances (aphelion), rotations, inclinations and eccentricities of the elliptical orbits. To improve the orbits visualization, distances, diameters and rotations metrics were adapted with proportional circles areas and geometrical mean, smoothing the differences of magnitudes. The developed environment can be used in the classroom to visualize the Solar System in Augmented Reality, with the possibility of manipulations of the planets representations by the students with the environment created in Virtual Reality, besides studies of the laws of Kepler and properties of inclinations and rotations of the planets. This work serves as a way to encourage teachers to develop materials with the technology shown in order to propagate and popularize the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in classroom programmed as in a web environment.


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