Shamila Mohammed, Roshni Nawaz,Amit Kumar Tyagi3

In a world where everything is ruled by technology and software, it is very important that our personal and private files and details remain secure and undiscovered by other systems in the network. Today, the immediate way of sending any urgent information is through e-mails, WhatsApp etc., all of which is sent and travels through the network (public or private). A network is an interconnection of billions of computers, these computers are connected to each other. Though they cannot be accessed directly due to restrictions and different protocols and nature of different systems, but it is not impossible. There have been many major (serious) cyber-attacks in the past three decades. Even today situation is that developed counties are interested to do launch trade war or cyber war against their enemy nation except a physical war (without killing anyone, demolishing a nation financially). Note that many computer criminals are wanted till date. Now days, everything from money transaction, sending or sharing important/ confidential information and even in hospitals medical equipment like in an oxygen cylinder the pressure and speed of the devices are all monitored by machines that are operated on software. So, any unauthorized access into any software with criminal intention not only affects property but also tampers with health of people (or patient or citizen of a nation). So, to detect any kind of intrusion into a software or system, many researchers recommend to use Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), but still unable to secure systems completely. Hence, this research article provides the essential information like importance of keeping user’s information private and secure, algorithms that can protect the system from intrusion, vulnerabilities in network and the major cyber -attacks in history (in previous decade) and how to prevent yourself fromsuch kind of attacks and to be aware (with providing severalrules, policies, digital forensics, threat hunting, etc.) in this smart era.


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