Brain Tumor Segmentation from MRI Images Using Morphological Operation


Bappa Sarkar, Abdullah Al Zubaer, Joyassree Sen, Md. Nazrul Islam

Medical image processing is the most important and challenging field nowadays. MRI image processing is one of the parts of this field. Brain tumor segmentation in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become an emergent research area in the field of a medical imaging system. Brain tumor analysis is done by the doctor, of which the conclusion may vary from one doctor to another. To ease doctor judgment, in this paper, we have applied some morphological operation on tumor shape and extracted the tumor area using MATLAB. Furthermore, we have calculated the affected area of tumor shape and then saved the result for the next observation with a unique id for a specific patient. After a few weeks, when the patient will come for the next observation, again, our system will take a unique id and recent MRI image of the affected patient for showing the result after calculating the previous and present results. Our system totally removes the doctor's insipidness and abstains from the wrong diagnosis.


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