Cld-Dlpa - Cross-Layer Design of Dynamic Link Prediction Power Control Algorithm in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


Dr. A Arivoli, Dr. P. Narayanasamy

In wireless communication era, Dynamic Link Prediction based Cross-Layer Power Control Algorithm DLP-CLPCA) in wireless ad hoc networks provides a joint solution for the power consumption protocol as well as nodes link availability. The Conventional design of ad-hoc network protocols is built on the standard OSI model which has failed to relate with RSS problems, whereas the physical, datalink, network, and transport layer has been influenced. Due to this, the early unavailability of nodes occurs and frequent route break during the transmission. To overcome the constraint, developed the Dynamic Link Prediction based Cross-Layer Power Control Protocol to forecast the route earlier maximizes the link availability and create the optimum routing path during the transmission. The proposed link prediction algorithm is implemented in NS-2 simulator with the performance metrics like throughput, delay, and energy consumption as a parameter values


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