Context-Aware System for Indoor Localization


M. Robiul Hoque, Shomako Bosu, M. Humayun Kabir, and Md. Aktaruzzaman

User location is an important information to provide personalized service in any domain of interest. In this paper, we present a context-aware system to find location of a user at office domain. Hence, smartphone of the user transmits Wi-Fi signal and our system identifies the user by matching MAC address of the smartphone. Wi-Fi signal strength is used to calculate the distance of user from office room. Additionally, PIR sensor value and office time are used to increase localization accuracy as well as minimize the conflict of user location. Raspberry pi 3, a low-cost embedded platform, is used to collect and process sensed information, generate low-level context, and reason user location from available contexts. Demonstration result of our system shows an excellent performance within our domain of interest.


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