Elvis Onovughe

A cross-correlation study between the geomagnetic components (X, Y, Z) and the geomagnetic magnetospheric ring current activity (the RC index) is made for more than 80 worldwidegeomagnetic observatories for days away from quiet time (disturbed days). Results suggest a strong relationship between the geomagnetic observatory measurements, particularly the X component, and the RC index. Strong coherence and correlation areobservedbetween the X component and the RC index in all the observatory locations studied in all the geographical regions of the Earth.Cross-correlation coefficients ranged between 0.70 and 0.85 for the comparison, suggesting global phenomenon. However, the Y and Z components comparison with the RC index show low correlation and anti-correlation, with cross-correlation coefficients of between -0.55 and 0.50 in most of the observatory locations globally. This lack of clear correlation between the Y and Z components and the RC index suggests lack of influence of the external field variations, but consistent with the ring current influencing the rapid variations observed in the X components during disturbed days.


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