Sravanthi. K, Shamila. M, Amit Kumar Tyagi

Today’s technology is changing very rapidly and making an important place in the heart of humans. For example, when internet connected things after connect with other devices, they make a big system which solve complex problems and make people life easier and longer to live. One of biggest/ popular revolution of technology is “Cyber Physical System”. Cyber Physical systems (CPSs) are the systems/ mechanism which are controlled and monitored remotely. CPSs system work with connecting other systems through Internet and its users (by computer-based algorithms). In near future in Industry 4.0 revolution, the uses of cyber physical systems will be on top position. Using such systems give invitation to attackers for performing attacks. But an attacker can harm a physical and cyber space easily, i.e., affecting physical processes will affect computations (also efficiency of CPS systems). For example, nuclear facilities were affected in 2010 (in Iran) by poplar attack “Stuxnet”. Also, an attacker can control a medical device remotely which will be affected the condition of patients (also will leak private information of patient/ hospital employee). Such serious concerns are being highlighted in this article using machine learning and cyber security frequently (time to time) or an alternative schedule. Maintaining such system is really a difficult task, so if do we can save a lot of energies and unwanted attacks, etc., in overall. Hence, this article is being written with considering future serious concerns and challenges with CPSs, and listing out of such critical issues one by one (in detail).


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