A. J. Ezihe, B. C. Eke & C. J. Echewodo

Due to exorbitant prices, difficulty in operation, and high cost of maintenance of existing audio console, a simple, efficient, and cost-effective multi-input audio mixer has been designed and constructed. A simple design achieved this with three sections: power supply, pre-amplifier, and power amplifier sections. The audio console was designed with a high-grade operational amplifier with very low distortions.  The power supply section was constructed by connecting the secondary terminals of 12 V transformers to a bridge rectifier for optimum power supply to the system. The pre-amplifier section was constructed using a BC547 NPN transistor. The power amplifier was constructed using the LM386 IC for high-quality output. The design carefully combined (audition/program) units to achieve good mixing and balancing. The design was done to achieve a maximum gain with refined audio output.    


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