Cyril Evan Jalagpas, Sr. Clarita Dael, Jhenie Porras, Joy Christine Yucom, Josephine De Asis, Joevic Pecate,Gerard Sayomac, Maricel Balitanas-Salazar, Daisy Endencio-Robles, Rosslin John Robles

The main purpose of this project is to develop and evaluate a game application that will help raise awareness about the environment and environmental issues. The researchers came up with this idea to give players the knowledge of what will happen to the environment if it is taken for granted by humans. The app has eight (8) mini-games and some animation videos that the players will enjoy and at the same time, gain knowledgeable information with the trivias/facts that will be provided in the game. The game was divided into two categories namely, the Quick Game in which the player could choose which of the mini-games to play and the Classic Game which is the normal flow of the game where the mini-games are played randomly. The evaluation instrument used was the user’s Evaluation Sheet for Game Design/Animated Video with the criteria of Game Design, Game Script, Graphic Arts, Music and Sound, Quality, Intellectual Component, and Compliance with Project Objectives. The overall mean was interpreted as “Excellent”. The evaluation result shows that the game application is a tool for learning and increasing awareness.


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