Differences in Teacher and Student Demographic Characteristics by Middle School Accountability Rating: A Statewide, Multiyear Investigation


Samson Alexander Moreno 2Cynthia Martinez-Garcia 3John R. Slate

In this investigation, the degree to which the percentage of beginning teachers and student ethnicity/race enrollment percentages in Texas middle schools differed between two distinction designations (i.e., Academic Achievement in Reading/English Language Arts and Academic Achievement in Mathematics) was addressed.Data for the 2012-2013 through the 2015-2016 school years were obtained from the Texas Academic Performance Reports.Statistically significant differences were yielded in the percentage of beginning teachers as a function of distinction designation.Higher percentages of beginning teachers were present in middle schools that did not meet the two distinction designations than in schools that did meet the two distinction designations.With respect to student enrollment percentages by ethnicity/race, higher percentages of Asian students and Hispanic students and lower percentages of Black students and White students were present at schools that met the two distinction designations.


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