Differences in the 1-Year Persistence Rates of International Students by Their Institutional Status at Texas Community Colleges: A Statewide, Multiyear Investigation


Dr. Rami Alsakran bJohn R Slate cDr. George W. Moore dDr. Frederick C. Lunenburg eDr. Wally Barnes

In this multiyear, statewide study, the degree to which 1-year persistence rates differed by the institutional status (i.e., stayed or transferred) of International students who were enrolled in Texas community colleges was determined.Inferential statistical procedures revealed the presence of statistically significant differences in 1-year persistence rates between International students who stayed at the same Texas community college and International students who transferred to a different Texas community college.In all cases, the 1-year persistence rates of International students who stayed were higher, 14 to 52 times higher, than the1-year persistence rate of International students who transferred.In all 15 academic years (i.e., 1999-2000 through 2013-2014), very large effect sizes were present.


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