Yekini N.A., Lawal O.N., Akinwole A. K., Akinade A. O

This paper appraised the adoption of eLearning in some selected institutions of learning during COVID-19 pandemic. Questionnaire was designed to collect data related to teaching and learning experience from sampled population comprising students and teachers from selected higher institutions of learning within southwest geopolitical zone of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Findings from the analysis of data collected showed that majority of sampled population were not comfortable with e-learning platform adopted during COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the courses that are practical-oriented. Overall rating/assessment of eLearning platform adopted by the institutions was 47.9%. The response from students in Social Science was 33.79%, 3.2% for students from Engineering/Basic Science, 10% for Academic Staff (lecturers) and 0.9% for academic staff (Technologists). It was exposed that none of the institutions sampled has eLearning platform of their own, and further enquiries revealed that some social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram were adapted as eLearning platforms, with a few institutions using zoom and Moodle applications. Consequent upon the findings, authors of this paper proposed Universal Hybrid Model of in-person, online and offline e-learning platform with embedded virtual Laboratory, to address technological educational strategy, process, technology, and TVET culture.


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