Walter Ezeodili

This research is entitled, ‘Electronic Governance and Service Delivery in Selected Ministries in Ebonyi State.’ The main objective of this study is to find out the extent electronic governance facilitates service delivery in Ebonyi State Bureaucracies.In specific terms, the objective of this study is to:Find out the extent the adoption of electronic governance aids record keeping/tracking of events in Ebonyi State Bureaucracies/Ministries; Examine the extent the adoption of electronic governance encourages accountability and transparency in Ebonyi State Bureaucracies/Ministries and Determine the extent the adoption of electronic governance encourages quality service delivery in implementing the projects and programmes of Ebonyi State Bureaucracies/Ministries.The theory adopted in this research is the Theory of Innovation and Diffusion propounded by Everett Rogers (1957). This theory tries to elucidate the implication of Technology/ Internet in the various spheres of life in the contemporary society.The research design adopted is a descriptive survey design. The instrument used in generating data in the study is questionnaire. The following are some of the main findings made in the study:Electronic government makes an impact on the knowledge of the society as well as on the literate level of the society.Electronic governance is very beneficial to the people who have electricity.The adoption of electronic governance in running the affairs of the ministries brings about effective service delivery in the state. It helps in defining and re-defining the current vision and mission of the government. The adoption of electronic governance curtails the level of corruption and encourages accountability and transparency in governance since it is a mechanism for carrying out properinternal and external auditing in government.The adoption of electronic government in Bureaucracies helps in facilitating the formulation of strategies for project and programme implementation in the states. The research has the following recommendation: The government of Ebonyi State should adopt therefore electronic governance in order to institutionalize in the state for real budget tracking in the state. Government should adopt the use of electronic governance in the state since it brings about significant improvement in governance through accountability and transparency; detects and prevents poor service delivery, curtails unnecessary waste, as well as arbitrary and captious behavior in Bureaucracies. Government should employ both qualitative and quantitative manpower who are experienced in the electronic governance in the Bureaucracies so that the programmes and projects of the government will always be effectively and efficiently carried out.


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