Enhancing Development of Soft Skills among Technical Vocational EducationandTraining Students towardsAchieving the Sustainable Development Goals


Jane Itohan Oviawe

Soft skills are fundamental set of skills for preparing students for life long and work in today’s global world. Knowledge, innovation and creativity play key functions in developing human capital, which is a core driver of economic progress and sustainable development globally. It is in line of this background that this paper examined the development of soft skills in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) students towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.The paper looked at the concept of TVET, reasons for promoting soft skills in TVET and discussed soft skills for sustainable development. These soft skills include: innovation skills, critical thinking skills, creativity skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, among others. The paper also highlighted who today’s teachers and students are; and discussed the roles of TVET teachers in developing soft skills in students. Also examined in the paper are instructional methods for developing soft skills in TVET. The paper suggested that TVET teachers should balance direct instruction with project-oriented instructional delivery, among others.


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