Tzanko Tzankov, Rosen Iliev, Boyko Ranguelov

The investigations of the fractal structure and properties of the different geophysical elements is new and fast developing area of research among the geophysical society. The fractal properties of the earthquake clusters, faults and folds at different scale, even the plutonic bodies and other elements of the positive landforms are the most exploited areas of research. In our caste the special attention is paid to the gravity field (free-air anomalies) as the most expressive element of the surface elevated structures and their influence to the relief. The Balkan Peninsula is well known as the one of the most variable Earth’s surface elevation area in the world. The fractal properties of gravity field in such area could be useful to try to establish formal relationships to the surface elevation, as well as to prove the possibility to get some information about the self-organization and the origin of the mountain landforms in the same area.


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