Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda: Perpetrators Testimonies on their Motives to Commit Genocide


Jean Bosco SIBOMANA, Faustin MAFEZA

The Genocide perpetrated against Tutsi had been planned by the Government of President Juvenal Habyarimana. Different methods and strategies have been used to induce Hutus in the execution of genocide. However, Hutus themselves had their own motives to take part in genocide. In order to know the methods used by genocide planners (the authorities) and what made the Hutus be involved in the implementation of the genocide. 12 interviews have been conducted with prisoners accused of committing genocide detained in Nyanza and Muhanga prisons and a Focus Group Discussion was conducted with 40 perpetrators who have been released after confessing and telling the truth on their involvement in the genocide against Tutsi. After analyzing different testimonies, the research concluded that different motives that led Hutus to be involved in genocide include the ideology of hatred against Tutsi that had been instilled in Hutus for a long time, following blindly the authorities’ orders with no prior analysis or interpretation, greed of grasping Tutsis properties or belongings, the culture of impunity, to name, but a few. Despite the aforementioned motives that led perpetrators to commit genocide, there should be no justification or motive of committing genocide as it is a crime above others crimes.


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