A.I. Ibeh. D.D.O. Eya and C. Iroegbu

Zinc Silver Sulphide thin films have been successfully prepared by the chemical bath deposition technique. The reaction bath consists of solutions of Zn(COOH)2, AgNO3, CH3CH2NS, TEA, and NH3 in 50ml beakers. The films are shiny dark brown in colour and are strongly adhered to the substrates and retain their properties for a long period of time. The films have high absorbance at the UV region and can be used as UV filters. The thin film annealed at 373K has the highest absorbance of 2.7% at the UV region. The thin films have low transmittance in the UV region due to the high absorbance. The film sample annealed at 423K has the highest transmittance in the visible region (about 80%). These properties make the films suitable for solar window control applications. The XRD studies show that the films are crystalline in nature and the range of the grain size obtained is from 0.752nm to 1.145nm. The band gap obtained is in the range of 1.9eV to 2.45eV which gives it potential application in solar cell fabrication.


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