M. Obulesu, R. Siva Prasad

In this paper an attempt is made to study the chemical reaction and combined buoyancy effects of thermal and mass diffusion on MHD convective flow along an infinite vertical porous plate in the presence of Hall current with variable suction and heat generation. A uniform magnetic field is applied in a direction normal to the porous plate. The equations governing the fluid flow are solved using the perturbation technique and the expressions for the velocity, the temperature and the concentration distributions have been obtained. Dimensionless velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are displayed graphically for different values of the parameters entering into the problem have been investigated. It has been observed that an increase in the Prandtl number leads to a decrease in the primary and secondary velocities, and also a decrease in the temperature. The primary and secondary velocities decrease with increase in the Chemical reaction parameter or Magnetic field parameter.


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