Homestay forCommunity Based Tourism Developmentat Kampung Jelawang inKelantan, Malaysia


Anowar Hossain Bhuiyan

Community-basedtourism (CBT) can ensure environmental, social and cultural sustainability of an area. The Malaysian homestay program was announced officially as a CBT product in 1995. Jelawang is one of the officially registered villages of Kelantan for homestay accommodations.Localpeople lifestyles, cultural heritage, traditional food,andlocal musical performances are attracting the guests of home stayaccommodations in this village. The present study analyzes the potentialsand opportunities of CBT development at Jelawang based on homestay accommodation through stakeholderconsultationsand communities perception.CBT implementation depends on the activeparticipation of stakeholders-local communities, tourism organizations,andgovernment institutions. The potentials situationsofJelawang to develop CBT activities are biodiversity, water catchments, ecotourism potential, ecosystem, environmental education, nature recreation,andeasy access. The studyrecommended severalinitiativesincluding tourism packages, identified products, pricing and promotion, modified homestay, develop communication skill, training and research initiatives for CBT development at Jelawang. Finally, effective planning, financial allocation, managerial efficiency,andproper community participation will be ensuring CBT development at Jelawang which will benefit the local communities through theirsocialand economicwell beings.


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