Russell H. Al_taie,,Qayssar M.Jebur

At the present time, image fusion is considered as one of the types of integrated technology information, it has played a significant role in several domains and production of high-quality images. The goal of image fusion is blending information from several images, also it is fusing and keeping all the significant visual information that exists in the original images. Image fusion is one of the methods of field image processing. Image fusion is the process of merging information from a set of images to consist one image that is more informative and suitable for human and machine perception. It increases and enhances the quality of images for visual interpretation in different applications. This paper offers the outline of image fusion methods, the modern tendencies of image fusion and image fusion applications. Image fusion can be performed in the spatial and frequency domains. In the spatial domain is applied directly on the original images by merging the pixel values of the two or more images for purpose forming a fused image, while in the frequency domain the original images will decompose into multilevel coefficient and synthesized by using inverse transform to compose the fused image. Also, this paper presents a various techniques for image fusion in spatial and frequency domains such as averaging, minimum/maximum, HIS, PCA and transform-based techniques, etc.. Different quality measures have been explained in this paper to perform a comparison of these methods.


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