Manesh Michael, Gopika Babu, Celin Mary, G. Sreekala, Sijo Sebastian, Chandu Venugopal,

The effect of pair ions on the formation and propagation characteristics of Ion-Acoustic(IA)shock waves in a six-component cometary plasma composed of two hot and one colder electron component, hot ions, and heavier pair ions is studied.The colder and one hotter component of electrons together with the lighter hydrogen ions are modelled by kappa distributions. The other hotter electron component is described byaq-nonextensive distribution. The KdVBequation is derived for the system and its solution plotted for different kappa values, oxygen ion densities, kinematic viscosities as well as the temperature ratios of ions.In the aforesaid plasma,the shock wave exhibitsa transition towardsa solitary structure.It is found that the strength of shock profile decreases with an increase in both temperaturesof the positively charged oxygen ions and negatively charged oxygen ion densities.However, the strength of the shock wave decreases with a decreaseof positively charged oxygen ion densities.


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