Japan Judo Championship 2019 Takeo R.


Takeo R.M. Nakagawa

This paper is concerned with the case studies on Final and Semi-final in All Japan Judo Championship 2019, and
is analyzing the relevant data in terms of the information dynamic model. The Final is a typical balanced game,
which is finished by the Golden Score, while the Semi-final is classified as one-sided game. In the Semi-final, it
has been shown that the winner gets the safety lead against the loser at the normalized time η≈0.8, which
means that outcome of this match becomes definite at the stage, 80% of the total game length. It is inferred
that in the All Japan Judo Championship, the sudden death of both players will occur, but drawn game cannot
be expected anymore, as far as the current refereeing rules are sustained. It is realized that the present approach
is promising to predict the history and outcome of any game before it starts, so that it is useful for preparing
the tactics or strategy for future games.


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