Novel Method for Radioactive Waste Disposal


Takeo, R.M. Nakagawa and Ai Nakagawa

A remarkable novel method to treat radioactive wastes safely for fauna and flora is proposed. This method uses the plate tectonics to convey the radioactive wastes into magma flowing deep in the Earth. This method is believed to be extremely valuable for all creatures on the Earth: The plate tectonics tells us that the Earth is covered with many plates. At each of the boundaries between the two plates, one is gradually sinking, while the other is rising, and vice versa. The radioactive wastes may be buried in the sinking plate in terms of a remotecontrol robot equipped by a submarine probing for the deep-sea. In this novel method, it is critical to note that radioactive wastes will be brought into the magma with no artificial energy, even those speeds are quite slow, 0.1 m/year(say). Non the less, radioactive wastes must be naturally carried into the magma, which is a heated fluid flowing in the mantel. It is essential that the crews’ safety against the rays of radioactive wastes should be guaranteed.


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