Perception of Secondary School Students towards the Acquisition of Social Science Skill


Abodunde S.M*

This The point of this examination is to discover the importance of the skills dealt with in the space of sociology, explicitly inthe subjects of geology and history, through the view of understudies in the fourth year of obligatory optional schooling (ESO). To do the overview, a purposive examining was completed in which in excess of 1400 fourth year ESO understudies took an interest. Moreover, utilizing a Likerttype size of our own creation called Evaluation of the Perception of Social Science Competences (EPECOCISO) and following a plan of quantitative philosophy, an exploratory factor investigation was completed with the examination programming SPSS through the graphic interaction, which permitted us to choose the three factors that make up the examination.Hence, connections were set up between factors through Pearson's test, and between the various factors that make up every single one of them with the socio-segment factors (recognizing ordinal and ostensible factors) through the chi-square trial of autonomy and Cramer's V test (ostensible), just as the linearity test, Goodman's gamma test, and the Kruskal (ordinal) test. At last, perhaps the main finishes of this investigation is that the troubles experienced by understudies in the procurement of skills ismolded by the advancement of the evaluation measures that are done


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