Majid Farahmandjou, Somayeh Shadrokh

Cobalt oxide nanoparticles (Co3O4) were synthesized by wet chemical methodusing cobalt sulfate as precursor and ethylene glycol as surfactant.Their physico-chemical properties were characterized by high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM),X-ray diffraction (XRD) andvibration sampling magnetometer (VSM)analyses. The crystal structure of samplesafter annealing was done by XRD analysis. XRD measurement exhibited thestructureof Co3O4nanocrystals for annealed samples. The TEM results showedthe cobalt oxide nanoparticles with good uniformity.The SEM images revealedthat the size of nanoparicles increased in the range of 20-50 nmwith increasing annealing temperature. The magnetic resultsindicateda good coercive field and saturation magnetism around 452G and 18emu/g, respectively.


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