Qualitative Study of Consumer Preferences on Local TV Station


Dr. Tony Wijaya

The research aimed to explore consumer preferences at Jogja TV stations as local TV station. The study uses qualitative methods through interviews in collecting data. Informants in this study are the public as viewers or consumers of Jogja TV and managers of Jogja TV programs. The data analysis technique used is a descriptive interactive model. Based on qualitative analysis it can be concluded that the Jogja TV program is aimed at the people of Special Region of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas including Solo. Viewers are focused on the status of SESC and D. Programs that are the pre-eminent preference of Jogja TV compared to other stations are programs that contain local and cultural content. Jogja TV programs that are the main preference of individual viewers are cultural and information/news programs. Other preferences are caused by regional or local appeal. Local or regional content is an attraction for several viewers. Some constraints related to the preferences of the informants are the problem of image quality, program variation, range and duration of the broadcast.Based on consumer opinion, the election organization on Jogja TV is due to the match between the number of shows, airtime, flexibility, and affordable costs. Based on the perspective of organizational consumers, the selection of JogjaTV has several disadvantages such as the coverage area and the less proactive attitude of Jogja TV..


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