Review of Trends in the Educational Model of Distance Education in Mexico, towards an Education 4.0


Tania Jezabel Lopez-Garcia, Jesús Antonio Alvarez-Cedillo1.Teodoro Alvarez Sanchez, Claudia Marina,Vicario-Solorzano

Currently, the development of increasingly sophisticated platforms to carry out Distance Education (ED) at a higher level is underway. Through the implementation of different types of emerging technologies, and with this, there is a pressing need to standardise a frame of reference sufficiently effective and adaptable that allows the restructuring of the established educational model that covers the inherent needs of the new practices of the teaching-learning process. For this reason, in this document, a brief description and analysis of the traditional educational model are carried out in this learning mode, in order to identify the most critical factors and propose an extrapolation alternative to a model within the framework of Education 4.0.


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