Study The Structural Properties of Polyaniline:PEDOT Nano Composite.


Maan A. Saleh, Abdulazeez O.Mousa, Mohammed Hady. Shinen

In this research we study the structural properties of pure polyaniline films and doped with poly(3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene) PEDOT. The study included the preparation of films on the rules of the glass and then conducted the tests, infrared , X-ray diffraction and AFM. In this study found that polyaniline was randomly, when you add PEDOT, it cannot happen interaction between them, but be attending together. The results of the tests (AFM) of the all films are uniform granular surface morphology. The roughness, root mean sequare and average grain diameter, they were increasing with increased of doped ratio. The method of films preparation are made by spin coating technique.


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