The Effect Of Using Discussion Method In Promoting English Language Knowledge among English Foreign Language Learners


Ali Akbar Khansir

This article was concerned with the application of discussion method in promoting English language knowledge among English foreign language learners in Iran. Discussion method as one of the factors of speaking skill has been paid attention by scholars, teachers in order to help language learners to improve their target language. In English foreign language setting, what is important to know is that the English foreign language learners have not good opportunity to speak English language in their classroom. So far, the English foreign students have faced with limited English speaking skills in EFL classroom. Discussion method might be a stimulant for the EFL learners to start English speaking skills in their classrooms. When I started teaching English at Bushehr Medical University, Bushehr in Iran, I realized that there was a great demand for teaching discussion method from medical students and I had to bend after these demand. So after teaching discussion method for many years, I felt it necessary to conduct a discussion method research in the light of my experience so as to make handy and useful for students, teachers, and syllabus designers in terms of promoting English learning. The subjects for this research were 100 medical students that were enrolled in five classrooms with different medical subjects in Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr in Iran. The result of this project showed that discussion method could be a stimulant for the increase of the English knowledge of the EFL learners.


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