Thermal and energy analysis of the use of the lens in parabolic trough


Pezhman ghareghani, Sadegh Alikhani, Iman Khatami, Mohammad Yaghoub Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi

The aim of current study, is looking for a new way to increase the efficiency of the solar collector parabolic trough analytical and experimentally. To do a collector through is produced and equiped with 23 lenses located above the absorber tube in a row. The use of the lens increase the efficiency of Parabolic trough collector up to 14 percent. The system analysed theorically and evaluates by first and second law of thermodynamics. For the estimation of solar radiation the two methods of maximum probability and Prescott's angstrom methods is used, and compared with the data of the pyrometer device (radiation gauge). By the statistical criteria, the Angstrom method is more accurate compared to the maximum probability. Various components of heat transfer is analyzed through the system evolution versus time. The results show that the maximum exergy efficiency of the system was about 52 percent. As well the use of lens enhance the exergy efficiency of the system.


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