Towards a Strategy for Higher Education in Africa:The European Bologna Process as a Model


Boufeldja GHIAT, Labo. EduPsy

African countries are constraint to promote reforms in their higher education systems, in order to be in harmony with the globalisation of Higher Education.Most African countries adopted The European Bologna Process as a model Higher Education reforms.African countriesare constrained to adopt BP as they need material and financial support for their students, staff and universities. Several researchers concluded that BP was a phenomenon of neo-colonialism for developing countries mainly in Africa.The application of BP in Africafailed to satisfy African needs of in Higher Education. A new model and a new strategy for organizing Higher Education are badly needed in Africa. The BP may be used as a model reforms, organization and planning HE in Africa.This paper discusses the impacts of the bologna Process on African countries, and the need for an African model of HE to help in consolidating their unityand concretisation of their aspirations.


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