Murtaza M. Junaid Farooque,Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed

In the current era with the advent horizon of technology and its usage, encouraged the use of social networking sites among the society. In last decade it made an imperative impact and rapid change on the working on almost all organizations and professions be it businesses, industries or academia. In the academic organizations, the use of social networking sites by students and youths for academic and non-academic communication is increasing rapidly in India and Oman. Social networking sites is itself provide massive communication channel and service that can support and yield in getting solutions of many administrative issues for academic institutions. However, Universities and institutions have not formally accepted it in India. This paper reviews surveys and experiments by academic researcher in various parts of the world. To evident the usefulness and significance of SNS in academic world several studied and experiments have been elaborated in this paper. During this study top fifteen universities in the world have been taken into consideration. The comparative study been carried out among them with reference to use of social networking sites and its relative factors. We found that almost all universities are very much aware and have significant place in their system. The result brings the fact that use of social networking sites in academic institutions will bring the significant change in the operations and tasks handling, hence proposed.


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