Opinion Article - (2022) Volume 9, Issue 3

Conceptualize the Space/Time Paradigm
Sander Rhebergen*
Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada
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It is difficult to grasp the concept of Einstein’s Space/Time Fabric and, the speed of light being the absolute maximum anything can attain. Also, the speed travelling through this fabric, effecting the object’s actual passage of time, while increasing the actual mass of the object; that is the travelling object actually gaining weight with the speed We accept that its true, but that doesn’t help us grasp the concept We need a mental image: something we can sink our teeth into The existence of Einstein’s Space/Time Fabric was proven with the star being observed from beyond the eclipse appearing simultaneously on both sides of the sun This fabric was warped (bent, squeezed, stretched) by the Sun’s gravity; so that this one star’s pinpoint of starlight was visible at two different locations simultaneously The starlight was bent around both sides of the sun.


Therefore, this fabric must have dimensions if it can be warped by gravity Within our solar-system these four dimensions would be: 1-Height, 2-Width, 3-Depth and 4-Time (as in a single instant of Time but at different times of day: at this very moment, or a moment before, or a moment in the future but at the same physical location: yesterday, today, or tomorrow) So, let’s call this single point-in-time, the smallest divisible portion of this fabric: Einstein’s ‘stubit’ (Space/Time Cube), and envision it as a microscopic cube The Stubit must have mass as it can be warped by gravity (To be affected by varying degrees of gravity, these stubits must therefore have mass) Relative speed of an object is the factor: the objects mass is increasing while its elapsing time (actual passage of time) is decreasing, simply because the objects speed has increased while passing through each stubit? This did not compute in my shallow mind. I guess my subconscious was percolating on the subject while I was consciously observing my emptiness from the perspective of my navel [1-4]. After many months of meditative pondering, I got this small return on my contemplative investment: I was suddenly struck with this simple concept, not to suggest that this concept will ever be construed as scientific fact: We concede that Space/Time this FABRIC does occupy every scintilla of everything we can see, and touch; in this dimension that we exist in This includes every tangible thing that we know of; but does not include Black-Holes, Dark-Energy, Dark-Matter; Dark-Gravity, nor Dark-Magnetism The astronauts took an atomic clock around the moon to confirm that time is relative to speed People who live on mountain tops age slightly less than people living in valleys We are all traveling: rotating around the surface of the earth, while orbiting around the sun while our solar system is orbiting around our galaxy! AND OUR GALAXY IS A twin astronaut, Scott Kelly on the space station for a year, aged less than his earthbound identical brother.


He was traveling faster and consequently aged less but why? Imagine this: Travelling, we are passing through these STUBITS of Space/Time Fabric and that is what causes the passage of time and makes us age What if (in our dimension) you can only pass through a limited amount of these fabric stubits at a given speed; beyond which you do NOT pass through i BUT you PUSH some of these stubits aside Now, you would gain the mass of these Fabric Stubits that your INCREASING speed is pushing aside And, as your speed increases you are pushing aside more and more STUBITS of Space/Time’s Fabric ,increasing your mass and therefore pushing these stubits aside, you are travelling through less of the Space/Time Fabric Consequently, your time would be less, you would actually age less Therefore, you could never reach the speed of light (in our dimension) as you would have to push aside an infinite amount of this Stubit Fabric which would mean you would gain infinite mass which would require an infinite amount of energy to be able to accelerate to that speed This also suggests that if there was absolutely NO movement at all, time would stand still there would be no such thing as time Author of science ‘probable’ fiction adventures, including ‘The Big Syphon’ and its pending 3 sequels He is passionate about Global Warming and pledges his profits from ‘The Big Syphon’ to the Environmental Solutions depicted in this book.



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