L. Zahhafi, O. Khadir

In this work, we discuss the problem of electronic voting. This notion has become widely sought in the world, which justifies the efforts made by researchers in this field. Voting by electronic means does not facilitate the task only for the organizers, but also for the voters who can send their choices from the home. Our system of binary electronic voting is based on Paillier cryptosystem. We chose this protocol as it is an additive homomorphism which will facilitate the calculation of the final vote results. The method presents a great difficulty in the decryption for attackers as it is based on the problem of factoring large numbers.
The protocol that we propose guarantees the anonymity of the vote, i.e. no one should know the vote of an elector. We also worked on the control of the parties holding the ballot. This increases the security, reliability and integrity of the vote. We have introduced several cryptographic notions to create an effective scheme.


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