Focus and Scope

MathLAB Journal is open access, peer-reviewed, international journal publishing original research works of a high standard in all areas of pure and applied mathematics. Articles cover a wide range of topics, including mathematical analyses, probability, statistics, algebra, geometry, mathematical physics, wave propagation, stochastic processes, boundary value problems, linear operators, and number and function theory.

MathLAB Journal scope includes but not limited to the following fields:

Mathematical modeling

Statistics and Distribution theoryMultivariate Statistical MethodsRegression AnalysisRobust Statistical Methods

Applied statistics 

Local stability, Global Stability, Boundedness, Semi-Cycles, Oscillation, Periodicity 

Fixed point Theory; Iterative approximation of fixed points, zeros, and solutions of equilibrium and variational inequality problems involving nonlinear operators

Trigonometric interpolation

Coding theory, Combinatorics

Mathematical Chemistry, Matrix Theory, Mathematical and Information

Fixed Point Theory, Approximation Theory

Stochastics, Processes Semigroups, Functional Analysis, Hemivariational Inequalities


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