Abdelmadjid Maireche

In present work, the modified Schrödinger equation (MSE) is analytically solved for the Heavy-Light Mesons (HLM) under modified quark-antiquark potential containing modified Cornell, Gaussian and inverse square terms MCGISTs, in the symmetries of 3-dimensional noncommutative real space phase (NC: 3D-RSP), using the generalized Bopp’s shift method. The energy a spectrum of HLM has been investigated in the framework of extended nonrelativistic quark model ENRQM. Furthermore, the new energy eigenvalues and the corresponding Hamiltonian operator are calculated in (NC: 3D-RSP) symmetries. The masses of the scalar, vector, pseudoscalar, and pseudovector for (,,  and ) mesons have been calculated in (NC: 3D-RSP) and we have shown that the spin-orbital coupling  generated automatically. Moreover, using the perturbation approach, we found that the perturbative solutions of discrete spectrum can be expressed by the parabolic cylinder functions function, Gamma function, the discreet atomic quantum numbers  of the  state and (the spin independent and spin dependent) parameters (), in addition to noncommutativity parameters (and). As a special case this model has been applied to study the S- and P-wave states of,,  and mesons  in NCQM symmetries The total complete degeneracy of new energy levels of HLM was changed to become equals the new value instead  in ordinary quantum mechanics. Our obtained results are in good agreement with the already existing literatures in NCQM. 


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