AHP Analysis of Critical Environmental Factors under Transportation Model for Attainment of Optimal System Performance: A Case Study of Nigerian Petroleum Industry


Buliaminu Kareem

Consideration of environmental factors are critical in determining the effectiveness of the transportation system. Critical factors- road safety and security were earlier addressed. The outcome is yet a mirage without due consideration of the climate/weather change as a salient environmental factor leading to delay in transportation process. A sustainable transportation model under consideration of weighted loss cost function from the influence of the environmental factors was formulated and analysed using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Contrast was made using cost saving paradigm between the old and the new models for the case study of gasoline transportation schedule of the Nigerian petroleum industry. The results showed a clear variation in the two models in term of higher flexibility and cost saving. The findings showed that the new model possessed wide range of system’s operation cost savings in contrast with static cost nature of the traditional transportation model.


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