Characterization on DECY-13 Cyclotron Components


S. Silakhuddin, R. S. Darmawan, S. Suharni, I. A. Kudus

The development of Decy-13 Cyclotron at the Center for Accelerator Science and Technology, National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia is nearly to be finalized in construction. This cyclotron is very important to produce radioisotopes used in Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Technique which is growing in Indonesia. In the next few years the cyclotron will be commissioned in getting energy proton beam. However, the characterization of the cyclotron components has not been reviewed. The characterization has been done by investigation and testing of the cyclotron components. The investigation of the central region design was done by simulating the beam path, testing of the ion source was done by measuring ion beam current, testing on magnet was done bymapping magnetic field and testing of roof system was done by measuring power of the rf generator. The results of the beam simulation showed that the initial path of the beam on the right track. Testing result of the ion source showed that the ion beam was more of adequate value. The magnetic field of the magnet was in the near of synchronous pattern. The performance of the rf generator still has to be increased in resulting power. These results provide an information that the most of cyclotron components that have been constructed, except the rf generator, have right characteristics that are accordance with the requirements.


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