Arthur R. Butz

The means of realizing or approximating the Lebesgue space-filling curve (SFC) with binary arithmetic on a uniformly spaced binary grid are not obvious, one problem being its formulation in terms of ternary representations; that impediment can be overcome via use of a binary-oriented Cantor set. A second impediment, namely the Devil’s Staircase feature, also created by the role of the Cantor set, can be overcome via the definition of a “working inverse,” thereby providing means of achieving compatibility with such a grid. The results indicate an alternative way to proceed, in realizing an approximation to Lebesgue’s SFC, which circumvents any complication raised by Cantor sets and is compatible with binary and integer arithmetic. Wellknown constructions such as the z-curve or Morton order, sometimes considered in association with Lebesgue’s SFC, are treated as irrelevant


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