Fractal analysis of the lunar free-air gravity field


Boyko Ranguelov, Rosen Iliev, Tzanko Tzankov, Edelvays Spassov

Recent dedicated lunar gravity mission- Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) provided highresolution gravity field data for the Moon. The collected data are the starting material for the construction of the latest gravity model GRGM1200A, up to a degree and order 1200° and with sensitivity down to <5 km resolution. This article present the results of the study of the probable fractal structure of the lunar “free-air” gravity field, based on this data. The "free-air" gravity disturbances are the gravity perturbations computed at the reference radius of 1738 km. They show the gravity variations as measured by the spacecraft, and thus include contributions from both the surface topography and any sub-surface bodies. The results would throw a new light on the nature of the geophysical processes and phenomena that take place on the Moon.


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