Pramode Ranjan Bhattacharjee Dr. P. R. Bhattacharjee

This paper is an extension of the earlier work titled “Giving birth to vectorial coordinate geometry”, which appeared in volume 3 of MathLab journal in 2019. While the novel concept of vectorial coordinates has been applied in the said work for the derivation of some useful results of two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate geometry, the concept of novel vectorial coordinates has been employed in the present scheme for the derivation of some standard results of three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate geometry. The fact that Vector algebra is a more powerful mathematical tool gets justified from this study. The vectorial treatments offered are novel, simple and straight forward. Furthermore, they will enhance the deepening of thought and understanding about Vector algebra and its application. Thus this contribution will enrich the relevant literature. At the same time, it increases the range of applicability of Vector algebra as well.


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