Information Dynamic Analyses on American Football


Takeo R.M. Nakagawa, and Ai Nakagawa

Thispaper is concerned with the informationdynamic analyses onAmerican footballgames: One is the game in Eastern University American Football League, Na tional Defense Academy vs. Chiba University,a nd the other is theRice Bowl (Japan Champio nship)2020Final, Fujitsu vs. Kansai University. The formergame is so called one-sided one, for National Defense Academy keeps the advantageous position against Chiba University througho ut the ga me except a t the normalized timeη=0.25. In the rangethat the normalized timeη is greater than the value of 0.75, the model curve of ξ =η7shows good agreement with game da ta. It is found that the game point is at the normalized timeη≈0.9, where the game outcome becomes definitive and is the cross point betwee n the certainty of game outcome ξ and the uncertainty of game outcome ς. The latter gamemodelled by ξ=η1.5istypicalone-sided one, and the game point is atthe normalized timeη≈0.62. Thetwo characteristic points in American football become e vident through the present work, viz. (a)rules are rational and well organized, thoug h sometimes the y are too complicated,and(b)anyone can easily participate in the game not only as player, but super visor, coach, cheer girl or member of cheering party,and/or supporter.


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