Information DynamicstowardsSerious Game


Takeo R.M. Nakagawa

This paper is concerned with information dynamicstowardsserious game.This study demonstrates that the proposed methodology can provide useful information to analyze game and to predictthe outcome, respectively, in terms of soccer and girl’height based on information dynamic model.Aplausible prediction method for human height has been proposed by incorporating the information dynamic model.Girl’s height at 10 years old is predicted until 25 years old, by knowing her height growth rate at starting year.It may be considered that this is asort of breakthrough on game research: The information dynamic model has been mainly used to do posthocanalyses for the finishedgames, but it has also potentialtopredictthe game outcome before the start, if initial conditions are given.As a popular and simple game, soccer hasbeen analyzed and presented how advantage and certainty of game outcome dependon the time.In the data analyses, as evaluation function scores in addition to goal, shoot, corner kick,or penalty kick are adopted to conduct refinedanalyses.The game patterns have been categorized into see-saw, one-sided, balanced and others, and is defined quantitatively, to promote understanding game.


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